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Ep 33: Japanese Kit-Kats


Japanese Kit-Kats

Enigmatic jet-setter Stella Robicheaux has sent the ladies foreign treats, this time several flavors of Japanese Kit-Kats! Bearing such flavors as Pistachio Grapefruit, Rum Raisin, and Butter, these Japanese Kit-Kats have Betty and Tab second-guessing their taste buds. Did the tricky Stella pull another fast one on them? Or is this a mea culpa worthy of true forgiveness? Grab your chopsticks and tell your kitty hello for this episode of Candy Chat!


Ep 33: Japanese Kit-Kats

Ep 30: Historical Candies

Historical Candies

Garlic Fudge, True Treats Botanical Sweets, True Treats Then, Later, and Now

The past is alive thanks to some kind listeners as Betty and Tab try historical candies! With such historical candies as cacao nibs, resin wax, sticks and even bugs, the ladies find out just how lucky they are with today’s candy. They also sample some garlic fudge from the Isle of Wight. Will any of these treats be sweet? Or will history be unforgiving? Tune into this episode of Candy Chat and find out which old candy are  boring duds and which are kind to the taste buds!


Ep 30: Historical Candies

Ep 19: Strangers With Candy 2

Strangers With Candy 2

Dickmann’s Shoko Strolche, White Rabbit Creamy Candy, Unidentifiable Slavic Candies

Betty and Tab roll the dice once more in an exciting strangers with candy episode! Candy from three different listeners has the ladies thankful and nervous as they try goodies from across the globe in this strangers with candy. What have listeners Terah, Amy, and Susan sent? How about Dickmann’s Shoko Strolche, White Rabbit Creamy Candy, and some unidentifiable Slavic candies! With so many choices, the ladies might find it hard to agree on what the best one is… Hold on to your passports for this world tour of treats! Don’t forget to like Candy Chat on Facebook and follow on Twitter!


Ep 19: Strangers With Candy 2

Ep 12: Strangers With Candy


Roshen, Mieszanka Krakowska, Kapa Kym, Russian Log, Kinder Surprise Egg

Betty and Tab flirt with danger in this Strangers With Candy edition of Candy Chat! Digging into a sack of candy from listener Amy, the ladies of Candy Chat sample some fine candy from around the world. How will they compare to American brands that they know and love? How will candy from a stranger treat them? See what’s inside this surprise egg in this episode of Candy Chat!


Ep 12: Strangers With Candy 1