What is Candy Chat?

Candy Chat is monthly exploration of candy hosted by Betty Ebersol and Tabitha Hutchison. Each month, the ladies select an assortment of tasty* treats based on a theme, sample them, and give their opinions as amateur candy connoisseurs. It’s a scrumptious, mouth sound-filled romp through tantalizing treats!



*May not be tasty at all.

Betty Ebersol

Betty is an independent woman and brief community college attendee who loves candy, stuffed animals, and Jesus. She doesn’t care to leave town, but is delighted to try anything her nephew Denny brings her from his travels. She also enjoys TV programs set in exotic locations like England, Boston, or even London!


Tabitha Hutchison

There’s 3 things Tab loves: Candy, Jesus, and holidays (about Jesus). She also loves her husband Chuck, but she’s not supposed to mention his name on here because he gets upset. He thinks the government’s gonna be watching him or something. Which is silly, because everybody knows they got better things to do like try and figure out how to make gas more expensive. Oh, she also loves Pigglydog, because SAVINGS! God Bless!


Places to Find Candy

Pigglydog: The best grocery store there is, with sales every week and holidays!


All About Food: Where pretentious people shop and get drunk! Do you know chocolate can be upwards of $10 a bar here??

All About Food






Dollar Holler: Candy for when you’re on a budget or need a lot of religious-themed treats. The taste reflects the price.

dollar holler