Ep 20: Problematic Candy

Problematic Candy

Gyori Licorices, Looney Lep Cheeky Chocolate Leprechaun, Gravy Candy, Toady-Ally Hanky Panky

Houston, the ladies have a problem in this episode as they try what amounts to nothing other than problematic candy. A cheeky leprechaun, the not-so-sweet savoriness of gravy candy, and a couple questionably-named treats amount to real problematic candy. Will the ladies give in to the devious desires of naughty candy, or will they be undone by the foulness of candies that should never have been made in the first place? Get the spittoon ready for this troublesome episode of Candy Chat! Don’t forget to like Candy Chat on Facebook and follow on Twitter!


Ep 20: Problematic Candy

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