Ep 35: Flavored Peeps


Peeps Sour Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Mystery 1 and 2

Look out! You got some peepin’ Tomasinas comin’ at you! The ladies are back with an episode all about flavored Peeps! Usually they come in nondescript sugary dollops, but flavored Peeps add a whole new level of tasty delight to the little bird treat. Recorded a while ago, this episode is perfect for the Easter season. Betty and Tab try four different flavors – fruit punch, sour watermelon, and two mystery flavors. Listen as they try to suss out what those mystery flavors are, and how the others fare with their delicate taste buds. Will they like ’em, or will the little derpy bird lumps find a new nest in the trash? Lay your ear peepers on this episode of Candy Chat!


Ep 35: Flavored Peeps

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